Parquet is a long lasting material, which will provide elegant and luxurious atmosphere under your feet. It’s natural, quite easy to take care, easy to set up and can be restored if necessary. But it shouldn’t be placed in wet spaces and wood layer is quite soft, so it can be damaged if used without care.

We offer MagnumQuickstepTekaLamettWicanders parquet:

  • Magnum – three layered oak parquet. Producer gives 25 year warranty. 7 layer UV lacquer ensures it’s resistance, but producer also offers designs with oil finishing. One strip and three strip planks. Price list –  here.


  • Quickstep – three layered oak parquet, which is covered  to either 7 protective layers of UV-cured lacquer or 2 layers of modified oil. Designs has beautiful surface effects – from brushed planks to saw cuts. Thanks to the Uniclic Multifit system, you can lay your hardwood floor in no time. We offer matching skirting boards. Samples can be seen in Salons SIENA showroom in Decco centrs. Price list – here.


  • Teka – high quality material made in Germany. Client can choose between wide range of designs – starting from modern and ending with antique. Price on demand.


  • Lamett – oak floors are stable, friendly to environment and can be used with heated floors. It offers parquets with three or more layers. Upper layer is available with different textures and finishes. Price on demand.


  • Wicanders – highest quality, innovative and unique. That’s why it has been named as one of the leaders. This parquet is easy to take care and quickly heated, environment friendly and sound reducing. Price list – here.


 * The prices shown in picture gallery and price lists, gan be changed due to a producers price change.