The easiest way to change home interior atmosphere and make it more warm is by changing the rug. Salons SIENA offers wide range of rugs, where you can find both – economic and exclusive solutions for your home. Wide choice of materials as well – synthetic materials, wool and even sisal. For special experience – handmade rugs. We offer individual orderd by catalogs, so you can choose the best option for your needs!

We offer Valley, Ege, Narma, Ragolle, Ligne Pure, Osta carpets and Jacaranda rugs.

  • Osta carpets –a wool and synthetic fiber production market leader, which is recognizable throughout the world, by producing classic and modern design rugs. Wide range of designs and sizes.


  • Ragolle –  Belgian company with 50 year experience. Rugs from wool, viscose and polypropylene. wide range of softness and sizes. Comfortable and great for different demands.


  • Valley – produced in Estonia. They are high quality, handmade and made only from natural materials. It’s possible to order an individual design, choosing unique 3D textures.


  • Ege – will give a nice atmosphere to any interior, regardless of whether the selected rug will be one colored, bright colored or with innovative shapes. Ege offers a wide range of rugs, where everyone will be able to find the most suitable option. Different choices of siding.


  • Narma – by a result of selected raw materials and unique technologies, Narma rugs stands out by their high quality, wide range of colors and tasteful designs. They offer also sisal rugs.


  • Ligne Pure – handmade elegant rugs, which are made of the highest quality materials (wool, viscose, faux fur, polyester). Ligne Pure rugs offer new style ideas and trends, combined with an excellent quality and affordable price.


  • Jacaranda – handmade  rugs from natural fibers – silk from China, woold from Thibet or New Zeland and cotton, linen, leather. They offer also viscose rugs. High quality and care.


You can buy our rugs on spot or order by catalog in our showroon in  Katlaklana street 6D, Decco centrs.  You can’t see the full assortment in our web-page. Please ask about the prices and availability in our showroon in Katlakalna street 6D, Decco centrs ( 22011650).