Carpets makes your living space more cozy and warm. By choosing different levels of comfort, you can make your space whether elegant and restrained, whether creative. Carpets are produced from different materials – synthetics (polyamide, nylon, rayon, polypropylene) and natural fiber (silk, wool, sisal, jute, coir, bamboo). Carpet floors are comfortable, easy to set up and long lasting.

We offer EdelSmartstrand, LanoEGE  carpets:

  • Smartstrand – unique carpets from Triexta fiber. It contains 37% of corn plant. Triexta is similar to nylon, but more friendly to nature. It is unique due to it’s technical characteristics. Triexta doesn’t absorb any microbes or liquids, so it is resistant to stains. This is an effect of fibers structure, not chemicals. Carpets are elastic – they can’t be damaged by long lasting load and they are UV resistant. In spite of high technical indicators, they still are comfortable – silky and gentle to the touch. We offer these rugs in a cooperation with Lano. Price list – here.


  • Edel – made from polyamide, polypropylene and wool. Rolls and tiles. Suited for households and commercial spaces. Plain and patterned designs and different textures – softer for bedrooms or harder for offices. Price list – here. And the newest product catalogs here and here!


  • Lano – offers carpets for residential and hospitality needs. For hospitality they offer both – standard collections and customized solutions. Producer offers also the artificial grass. Price lists here, here and here.


  • EGE – wide range of carpets. They offer plain and patterned carpets as well in rolls as tiles. Different strength  classes – for households and commercial spaces. In addition to standard designs, you can change the colors or make your own designs. They offer each design in 9 different quality levels and prices. You can receive a free sample (30×40 cm) for each design. Project prices on demand. Price list – here.


* The prices shown in picture gallery and price lists, gan be changed due to a producers price change.