It is easy to maintain and long retains it’s original appearance. Laminate floor installation does not require large capital investments and can be installed both in private and public interiors. But you have to bear in mind – it’s not recommended to install in damp rooms and it is a quite “loud” and cold floor.

We offer Lamett, PergoKrono groupQuickstep laminate.

  • Lamett – this laminate is difficult to distinguish from genuine wood flooring, it has a wide range of styles and finishes. Each Lamett collection is unique and authentic, suitable for everyone’s taste and desired interior – both private and public. Price on demand.


  • Pergo – the brand offers a wide range of designs and 3 quality levels for each (32.,33.,34. class) that will find a suitable solution for any space. Laminate is high quality and environmentally friendly. Find a price list here.


  • Swiss Krono – an innovative, ecological and particularly resistant laminate. Plank decor layer is protected by a transparent coating that provides abrasion resistance and creates an easy to clean surface. 3D texture fits perfectly to wood ornaments on planks. Find a price list here.


  • Quickstep – high quality and durability laminates. It is safe from scratches, humidity (Hydro Seal serie) and easy to maintain. Available in a very wide range of colors and styles. All samples can be seen in our showroom in Decco centrs. Find a price list here.


  • Kronospan – Kronospan offers laminate with brand Krono Original. It is easy to care for, always works with you, and looks like real hardwood. Scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish, made from 90 per cent wood and it’s length of life in a living room is 15 to 20 years. Find a price list here.


* The prices shown in picture gallery and price lists, can be changed due to a producers price change.