Stucco decoration is a great way to decorate the interior of your house or apartment in whatever style it may be exposed. The appearance of polyurethane stucco simplify this task in several times. Practical and lightweight stucco decoration quickly won popularity among designers, architects and builders, because of excellent technical characteristics, stylish design, flawless surface, well designed small parts.

At Salons Siena we offer well known company’s Europlast cornices and other stucco decorations.

Europlast cornices and decorations are produced in Russia from polyurethane foam. Europlast offers ceiling cornice, ceiling moldings, moldings, pilasters and columns, door frame elements etc. All cornices and moldings are produced both in hard and in a flexible variants, which is a huge advantage over other collections.

All cornices and decorations are available only on order. 

Where to buy cornices

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