One of the most popular and economic blind type. Very neutral – more functional than decorative. We offer different roller blinds:

– sun reflective: room doesn’t get hot
– “sreen” type: slightly toned window, but it is easy to see whats happening in the outside and opposite
– blackout
– decorative
– with natural textures etc.

For example, ordinary roller blind 130 x 185 cm costs ~ Eur 59,71 (+PVN). Sun reflective – Eur 70,51 (+ PVN). Blackout – Eur 77,50 (+PVN), Screen type – Eur 90,39 (+ PVN). Special fabrics – Eur 1134,31 (+ PVN). We offer many different designs and colors. And also we can produce  2,40 m wide blinds.